Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Comment about today class

Today Professor Hayden asked why communication is so relevant in International Relations. In the page 1 of the article called The historical context of international communication there were the following statements: “Economic, military and political power has always depended on efficient systems of communication” and “Communication has always been critical to the establishment and maintenance of power over distance”.

Moreover, throughout the above mentioned article the author speaks about the relevance of international communication and its relation with concepts that are object of the study of the international relations’ discipline like the state, national interests, the imperial system, the colonial consolidation, the power, the war, public diplomacy, warfare, international conventions, and so on.

I guess that looking under that perspective (the international relations’ point of view), we could arrive to the conclusion that when we speak about international communication, we are speaking about the communication that take place beyond the instinct of sociability as a characteristic of every human being, but as an act of communication across international borders of an sender (individual or entity) that is part of a nation with a role and/or agenda, with a given interest and a given power.